From a young age Qing dabbled with and soon fell in love with painting. Despite feeling drawn to visual arts, she started down a career pathway in the corporate world. As she continued honing her craft in her spare time, Qing realised that art, specifically watercolour, was her calling and the pull was too strong to ignore. She has since left the corporate world behind, and paints full-time.

Qing's artworks are infused with inspiration from a range of sources as she seeks to capture ideas and emotions through her representational style. Holding a degree in Environmental Science from Fudan University in China and a diploma in Visual Arts from RMIT in Melbourne, Qing's diverse educational background informs her artistic practice.

Artist Statement

The pursuit of personal passions is essential to one's sense of purpose and well-being. Having come to this realisation myself, I recognised that it was my responsibility to embrace this essential aspect of life. Therefore, I made the decision to honour my true self by dedicating my time to learning and practicing the art form that brings me joy.

Pursuing one's passion is not always easy. But on good days, when I immerse myself in the creative process, the world becomes quiet and I can hear my innermost thoughts and emotions. I feel alive. It is for this reason, and the philosophical characteristics embodied in the medium of watercolour painting, that I return to my paintbrush every day.

Artist CV

Group Exhibition / Project
2021: The Art of Respect-16 Days of Activism Campaign (public art project), City of Port Phillip, VIC
2021: COVID-19 Cats Exhibition; Glen Eira City Council Gallery, VIC
2021: Camberwell Art Show Online, VIC
2021: AGRA Art Challenge 2021 ‘Connection’, VIC 
2021: Water; Glen Eira City Council Gallery, VIC
2019: SMALL; fortyfivedownstairs, VIC
2019: Duality (installation); Nati Frinj Festival, VIC
2019: Can We Float; Brunswick Street Gallery, VIC
2019: Emerge: Seventh Edition; Brunswick Street Gallery, VIC
2019: Street Road Lane Group Exhibition; First Site Gallery, VIC
2019: RMIT Open Day Exhibition; RMIT, VIC
2019: Chatterbox Projects (public art project); Melbourne, VIC
2019: White Night (public art project); Melbourne, VIC
2019: Derive (public art project); Melbourne, VIC
2019: RMIT Creative Collaboration (public art project); Yarra Promenade, VIC
2019: Life is a Festival (public art project); RMIT, VIC
2017: Bright Art Gallery Autumn Art Exhibition; Bright Art Gallery & Cultural Centre, VIC
2016: VCA Visual Art Painting Technique Course Exhibition; VCA Artspace, VIC

International Artist Magazine, June-July 2021

Diploma of Visual Arts; RMIT, VIC
Painting Technique; VCA, VIC
Bachelor of Environmental Science; Fudan University, Shanghai

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