When I first heard about the history of the salt lakes here in Natimuk, I was fascinated. Originally, this was the sea, but after many thousands of years of geological changes, the coastline receded, leaving behind numerous salt lakes of different sizes. Thus, they have existed since ancient times.

I often contemplate my existence in time and space. Sometimes, looking at myself in the mirror, I feel strange - is this really me? Is a faithful reflection in the mirror the most real existence, or is there more to it.

So, I had an idea: place a large mirror near the edge of the salt lake close to Arapiles, but it won't be a full length mirror.  What would be presented to the viewer is a combination of three images: their reflection in the mirror, the reflected landscape behind them (such as Arapiles), and the landscape beyond the mirror's view (such as the Mitre salt lake). 

This was my first attempt at land art, and I faced many problems I had never encountered before. Anna, our technician, provided me with significant help, designing and making the supports for the mirrors. My Public Art teacher Bridget and her friends offered immense support during the installation.

In just three short days, this installation brought me many surprises. It presents the beauty of nature with greater force before my eyes. Visitors interact with it in different ways, and the creative process does not stop at my design.

Duality II, 2020

 Watercolour on paper by Qing Zhang 

© Copyright Qing Zhang