Each stroke, each feather, each thought

May 2023

Initially, the purpose of this series was to deeply appreciate the beauty of nature and share it with the viewers. Throughout the creative process, I have always embraced the technical challenges of watercolour, colour, composition, and more. The second challenge comes from my inner world. Creating art is a decision-making process that requires me to remain focused. The dilemma is, when I am uncertain about a decision, how to overcome self-doubt and maintain focus. As an artist, the joy of progress is found in this second challenge. After making a stroke, even if I am worried that the painting is ruined, I often choose not to "correct" it. I give a little trust to the previous decision. Through these paintings, I hope to share this experience with my viewers.

My inspiration comes from the beautiful nature, especially the land of Australia where I have lived for ten years. Also, the Eastern and Western paintings, traditional Chinese bird and flower paintings and Japanese woodblock prints have given me a lot of inspiration for composition. Watercolour possesses a vitality and wisdom that continues to instruct me, and it will always remain my mentor.

© Copyright Qing Zhang